A Bard’s Lament

The town of Veilig is burdened with a terrible secret.

Ella is a bard, her sister a prostitute, working in a tavern to pay off their late mother’s debt. But Ella has a secret of her own. Her music carries codes for spies to decipher, working to undo Veilig’s horrific crimes.

Then her sister is taken captive.

Can Ella save them both, or will their tale end in darkness?

Oath: A Black Diamond Novel

Taking the Oath will forever enslave her to the goddess of death…

Tired of scraping for food in her war-torn homeland, Colette sneaks aboard a ship to the prosperous Empire capital to seek her fortune. But fortune is not what she finds. When she unknowingly pickpockets a vicious assassin and is caught, she faces execution… or the Oath, a sacred vow to serve the goddess of death.

Colette chooses to make the Oath and is thrown into a life of forgery and murder. Though not every assassin is as cruel as the man she pickpocketed, Colette must watch her back at every turn and longs for freedom from the shackles of her Oath.

Her worst nightmare is realized when she’s tasked with the murder of someone she cares for. Now Colette must choose – their life, or hers?

For lovers of Red Sister and Nevernight, Oath: A Black Diamond Novel is a dark fantasy with twists and turns you’ll never see coming and explores themes of survival in a cruel world.

Chanya: A Black Diamond Origin Story

Saved from the noose at the last moment, Chanya is conscripted to a battalion marching to war. But their leader, General Thitus, insists on a perilous route through the freezing mountains.

Chanya and her fellow conscripts wonder if they are going to war at all. What is General Thitus planning? What awaits them in this icy wasteland? Why won't he turn back, even when soldiers starve and freeze around them?

Rhoda: A Black Diamond Origin Story

A young woman thrilled to marry a wealthy lord, Rhoda anticipates having strong children who will one day challenge Empress Margaux for the throne of Ranigh.

But is she destined for a happy life with her new husband? Or does the Goddess of Death have bigger plans for her?

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