Need an Editor for Your Manuscript?

Are you looking for an editor for your manuscript before you publish? Let me help.

Flat rate for copy edit, line edit, and proofreading with light developmental feedback: $15.00 USD / 2,500 words


"Poppy is the only person I felt comfortable enough to give a chance to help me finish the book I've not been able to finish for over 10 years. She exceeded my expectation by so much! I plan on working with her on the long term. Her writing is outstanding, absolutely beautiful! She made my story come to life!"

- joelcrosby, Fiverr customer
"The eight things I want to share about this seller: 1) She is cooperative. 2) Creative and fun to work with. 3) Fantastic writer. 4) Full of amazing Ideas. 5) Genuinely passionate about your project. 6) She delivers on time and takes feedback. 7) Her talent is incredible and that is understatement. 8) Delivers high quality work. She is wonderful!"

-  janicejob, Fiverr customer


Need a Ghostwriter to Bring Your Book Idea to Life?

Do you have an amazing idea for a book but can't put it into words? Maybe your schedule stops you from being able to write or you're not confident in your language skills. Let me help. I've worked with over a hundred happy writers in turning their story idea into an engaging, well-written manuscript.

Flat rate for ghostwriting: $30 USD / 1,000 words


"Excellent work as per usual. I am a repeat client and will continue to hire Poppy. Highly recommended!"

- amberdrake2424, Fiverr customer
"Poppy has an incredible attention to detail and is a highly skilled editor. She brought my story to the next level by polishing the text for grammatical and sentence level issues. She also offered very generous in-depth feedback for further improvements on the storyline and various plots. Her communication is excellent. Looking forward to continuing to work with Poppy in the future."

rouzbehakhbari, Fiverr customer
Poppy Kuroki